This plan offers 500GB a month. If you go over this limit the account will terminate with no refunds. There will be a $40 reativtion fee to get setback up if you go over the data limit.

You will be required to use the sim card that we ship to you.

  • $40 one time Activation fee for Blue Plan. Then $110 each 30 days after the 1st month.
  • BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) - Does "NOT" include a modem
  • 1080p(4.5mbps) Streaming for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Disney, Youtube 
  • Service renews every 30 days with our Automatic Billing service.
  • 500 GB is considered the data cap for Blue Plan
  • 500GB is suitable for 1-3 people
  • No Contract
  • No Throttling
  • 10-50 Mbps Download Speed
    • (Speeds will fluctuate based on many factors beyond our control)

500GB Blue Plan Monthly Membership

SIM Card Options
  • 3 day Trial and Refund on Sim Plan only.