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How to configure Plex Modem

Make sure you are connected to the Wi-Fi on the modem before proceeding. The default modem and WiFi login password is printed on bottom sticker.


To access the modem management page

  • Launch a web browser and enter

  • Input the administrator password. The default password is 'changeme'. If forgot password, pinning down the reset button for 10 seconds while the device is powered on.

To Setup APN:

  • ​Click on General Setting

  • Input APN name and click Save & Apply 

*Note: Blue plan customer need to input "broadband" as the APN name







To change WiFi name and password

  • Click General Settings > Wireless 2.4G or Wireless 5G​













To Band Lock best towers

  • Click General Settings > 3G/4G

  • Click Automatic Band Selection toggle switch

  • Select the band and click Save and Apply

  • Reboot the device (Advance Setting > System > Reboot)

plex-band lock.png
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