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APN Settings via NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 mr1100 Mobile

Currently not compatible on Pink Plans

Make sure you are connected to the Wi-Fi on the modem before proceeding.

1. Launch a web browser and enter

2. Enter the administrator login password. You may need to RESET the modem if you forgot by pressing the RESET button where the battery is located using a paperclip.

3. Select Settings > Advanced Settings > Cellular.

4. Make sure Band Region is set to LTE ALL

5. Click the blue ADD button and complete the fields using the APN we provided to you. 

               *APN Name & APN can be the same.

               *Make sure PDP is set to IPv4 for Pink plan Customers Only*

               *None Authentication for both

6. Click ADD after you finish filling out the APN Profile. 

7. Click the small box on the left to activate the APN profile under Active. 

This APN is now the active. The Cellular Settings page displays a green check mark next to the active APN.

7. Click the Apply button on the bottom right. Your settings are now saved.

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