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APN Setting for MF279

1. Connect to the wifi and open a web browser on a device type press enter.

2. Password is going to be "attadmin"

3. Once you are in the modem settings look on the left and click the button that says

"Settings" and look for a button that says APN.



4. Once you are in APN click the ADD button and add these settings.

(Blue Membership Customers)

Profile name: Broadband

APN: Broadband

(Pink Membership Customers)

Put in the APN Setting we provided you.

5. Click Save after you add the Profile name and APN

6. Click on the *Connections* tab next to APN tab and click "Off" and hit Apply


7. After you click apply go back to the APN tab.

8. Click Profile Selection in the drop down and select the APN profile just created.

9. Click *Set Default* Button

10. Go back to the connections and click "ON" and apply. After this the blue lights should turn back to green. If not please power Reboot the modem.

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  • Rural Internet Provider


  • Unlimited Wireless Internet


  • hotspot


  • Fixed wireless internet


  • Unlimited Unthrottled Hotspot

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